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The Metabolic Program

The Metabolic Program developed by Dr. Kelley is a systematic means where any individual can gain a level of optimum health. The Kelley Program is a metabolic/nutritional system which employs evaluation tools to obtain an accurate picture of strengths and weaknesses of a person's being. From this a metabolic program is developed, specifically tailored to...

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The Metabolic Paradigm

By definition, a science is "accumulated knowledge that has been systematically formulated with reference to the discovery of universal TRUTHS of the operation of universal laws." And, to be a science, the procedure MUST be systematic, repeatable, testable and verifiable. In EVERY respect, The College of Metabolic Medicine's ...

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About Us

The core of this nutritional protocol is the science commonly known as "Metabolic Typing". It's founder and scientific creator is Dr. William Donald Kelley, founder of the International Health Institute and co-founder of The College of Metabolic Medicine. As you discover more information about this unique science during your visit to this website, you should know that Dr. Kelley's work has been literally DECADES ahead of any other nutritional program currently in the ...

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