(Why You Cannot Get Well !)….Trapped Emotions and Emotion Release As It Related to Lyme Diagnosis

Recall Healing and TER Trapped Emotional Release Therapy! Why do they call this doctor the “emotional whisperer”?How does Dr Rankin so successfully determine “Why You cannot get well”! “How does he help resolve issues for people who have had no relief for years”?In this wonderful Lyme community, isn’t this the key question for which there seems to be no simple answer? Doesn’t the answer YOU need depend on the question asked? Lyme is not a generic issue, it is a personal issue.When I was asked to contribute to this wonderful community, the answer was clear: Donate my time in a session. This will give you for a hands-on experience for you that will help you understand how to bring an end to the stress and struggle and replace it with peace and harmony in your life; a life without symptoms.

I will personally donate one session to you as part of the Lyme Summit to help you understand the root cause of your health challenge, and by discovering the root cause bring this very long challenging journey to a healthy conclusion and bring joy to your life in the shortest period of time.You will learn in our session information that will help you with Lyme challenges and other issues that have consciously or subconsciously undermined your issues. You will be confident your challenge with Lyme is not a missing magic bullet or another herb. The answer lies inside of you.If you have suffered for months or years from the symptoms of Lyme, BE CONFIDENT IT MAKES NO SENSE. YOU are not a person lacking a drug, you are experiencing a health challenge where the best questions to help you have not been asked. I will EMPOWER you to develop your own questions and develop your own answers. The power of your healing is an internal, personal experience, not some external force.What is the basis of the emotional influence that causes the person to be susceptible to a Lyme infection causing physical manifestations?Many thousands of people have worked with Dr. Michael Rankin because he’s able to help people uncover the bases and foundation to the questions we have just posed, and to achieve the needed and waited healing that no one else has been able to manifest. As part of the Lyme Summit Dr. Rankin will donate a free emotional release half an hour with you at no charge. It will be limited to one per person. Arrangements can be made by contacting dr. Rankin at 214-392-8888