In cachexia, use coffee enemas to help control cancer weight loss
December 14, 2014
Coffee enemas to the rescue
December 14, 2014

The liver’s role in cancer

Author: Craig Stellpflug

The liver has two distinct functions: Number one is it is the body's main blood filter/detoxifier. Number two is that the liver is the body's primary fat metabolizer. When the liver becomes overloaded with toxins and other burdens, it becomes sluggish and fatty. At this point, it cannot perform either of these functions well and health declines slowly at first, gaining momentum as the body becomes even more toxic.

Every substance that is absorbed by the intestines must first pass through the liver before going on to the general circulation. The liver disposes of toxins produced internally from bowel contents, food, water and medications, and externally from the air you breathe. The fats that your body uses for energy, hormone transport, weight gain and other functions are produced in the liver.

Compromised liver function is an invitation for toxic buildup in the body which in turn invites cancer and also hinders the body's ability to fight cancer.