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What role do emotions play in my healing process?

We are testing center, but we also help people resolve health issues. One of the most important, and often overlooked contributors to the health challenge is emotion. What does this mean?

Treatment Evaluation: How do you choose? I have a cancer diagnosis and I want to know my priorities:

Determine the level of cancer and if there is any metastasis.

I have a cancer diagnosis: How do you stay out of trouble and keep control of the process: Is the healing process one of experimentation or can you plan the process?

  • Healing from any illness, including cancer, you need to know what is the body trying to fix, heal, or resolve. Consider the following: The main categories are:
  • Cause of Disease: what is the underlying cause of disease suppressing the immune system?
  • Risk of Cancer: What is contributing to the cancer present in the body and what will it take to lower that risk;
  • Dental issues: Dental issues can lower the immune system and affects all meridians that affect the body and in turn the organs associated with those teeth meridians.
  • Mycotoxins: (One of the most serious): Healing and recovery is very difficult without addressing these issues.
  • Lyme Risk: immune suppressive
  • Emotional components: When this is addressed effectively healing will occur much more effectively.
  • Heavy Metals: All toxins suppress the immune system, and quite often it is mercury from the teeth. Once identified it can be removed.
  • Toxins of all kinds: When the body is fighting toxins it is not fighting cancer. Detox is essential.
  • Location of Toxic Foci: Cancer often harbors where there is a focus of toxic foci, so it must be effectively addressed with a special methodology applicable in the home with remedies created by our staff.