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The Metabolic Program

The Metabolic Program developed by Dr Kelley is a systematic means where any individual can gain a level of optimum health. The Kelley Program is a metabolic/nutritional system which employs evaluation tools to obtain an accurate picture of the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s being. From this, a metabolic program is developed, specifically tailored to…

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A Metabolic Paradigm

By definition, science is “accumulated knowledge that has been systematically formulated with reference to the discovery of universal TRUTHS of the operation of universal laws.” And, to be a science, the procedure MUST be systematic, repeatable, testable and verifiable. In EVERY respect, The College of Metabolic Medicine…

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About The Kelley Metabolic Center

The core of this nutritional protocol is the science commonly known as “Metabolic Typing” by Dr William Donald Kelley, founder of the International Health Institute and co-founder of The College of Metabolic Medicine. As you discover more information about this unique science you should know that Dr Kelley’s work has been DECADES ahead of other nutritional programs.

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When I first contacted Kelley Metabolic Center, I had decided not to do surgery, radiation, or chemo. I live a full, 60 hour work week as a professional musician. I wanted and needed to keep playing and wanted to heal. With Recall Healing and TER, I was able to understand the how life experiences contributed to the cancer in my lungs and how it affected my ability to heal.

Now that all of my tests are clear. My Kelley Metabolic Cancer Profile is clear and I continue to monitor with the Biomedical system. Every 6 months I repeat the Kelley Metabolic Cancer Profile. It helped so much in my life and in my marriage. My wife did not do the TER, but it positively affected her, nonetheless. I cannot explain how this happens, but it is not enough to say I am grateful.
Randy, USA
58 year old Musician cleared of Lung Cancer
After my diagnosis the doctors were pushing for mastectomies, chemo and many other methods of treatment. When I found Kelley Metabolic Center, their first focus was to calm me down and tend to my emotional crisis. The person I talked to prayed with me.

Until I could focus, fear influenced every decision. When I received my test results there was cancer, but I knew the folks at Kelley Metabolic Center could help me. I started TER before I started any program and it helped me to focus and leave behind all the issues that were derailing me, not only my cancer, but my life.

My brother returned home after being gone 15 years. My mom and I have a good relationship now, for the first time since I was 3. I have experienced a miracle in my life and in my family.
Breast Cancer Survivor, 48 years old.

This technique and therapy is a body of work developed over decades of research and applied sciences. It has healed and changed the lives of many people around the world. Recall Healing is best explained by the examples to follow. Recall Healing and EVOX are not psychological methods, per se, they are a method that transcends dialogue. It is not what we know that affects us, it is what we don’t know. When we do discover what we don’t know, we can then resolve it. 

EVOX uses your own voice, and all associated emotions and gives it back to you in healing, homeopathic solutions. 

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I realized working with KMC, having had two abortions, I thought I was unforgivable. I learned how this contributed to my cancer. The TER system helped me to reframe many of my life experiences and understand why challenging issues were happening and how they were affecting me. I am on the road to recovery.
Charlotte, UK
Cancer Survivor