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March 3, 2015
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Genetic Variant Nutritional Assessment

MTHFR - Making the Folate & Folinic Acid You Need to Rebuild Your Cells

Folate is critical for many cellular functions.The body makes several enzymes, called MTHFR,that create the folate we need for these critical functions. Unfortunately, we can inherit genetic variants, that may limit our production, utilization and absorption of this critical nutrient.

The C677T MTHFR gene makes the enzyme that makes the methylfolate needed for the conversion of methionine into homocysteine. With this variant, homocysteine may be higher which may increase the risk for cardiovascular disease and other health issues.

The A1298C gene empirically has been linked to neurotransmitter (emotional) issues.More studies are necessary before definitive statement can be made.Yasko writes MTHFR A1298C SNPS compromise ..."the "backward" reaction, whereby 5-methyl folate is converted back in to THF, in the process generating one molecule of BH4.The result is a progressive drain on BH4, a progressive impairment in neurotransmitter production, and conversion of arginine not into nitric oxide but instead in to free radicals such as superoxideand peroxynitrite."

Variants in the SHMT gene may also tie up the folate and inhibit its availability to be used in methylation. This variant mayalso impact the production of glutathione.

Variants in the MTHFS and MTHFD1s gene mayalso result in an increased folate turnover rate and folate depletion.

This is your nutritional genetic variant report. This is not a medical test, and it does not test for any disease. In addition, the nutritional suggestions are not treatment for disease. These results help us identify where your body may be lacking in the production of antioxidants and nutrients, and allows us to customize a nutritional program based upon these individualized results. This is the most scientific method to determine your nutritional needs.

Your body is made up of DNA, and this DNA is essentially instructions that make enzymes. These enzymes are what make antioxidants and many other molecules that restore and rebuild the body. Most of the time, the DNA properly makes the enzymes; however, quite often we have what are called variants, which we inherit from our parents, where the DNA may not function 100%. When this happens, the desired action may not be performed as efficiently as possible. Lack of antioxidants or lack of the nutrients that rebuild us, may cause us to age faster and increase our susceptibility to breaking down.

This DNA report focuses only on the DNA that makes antioxidants, which neutralize the harmful free radicals, and other importantnutrients like folate, B12, SAMe, choline, and the enzymes that help the body rebuild and restore itself. You will note below that there is a Gene Name, and in the column called Variants, you will notice it is either blank, has a 1, or has a 2. If it is blank, this means the enzymes are likely working at near 100% efficiency. If there is a 1, this means one parent gave you a less than perfect DNA copy to make the enzyme, and if there is a 2, then both parents gave you a less than optimal gene copy to make the enzyme. A single variant iscalled heterozygous, and two variants are considered homozygous. Homozygous variants will result in even less production of the enzymes than heterozygous variants.

Quite simply, when we are able to identify where your DNA may not be working at 100% efficiency, we are able to determine what supplementation may be necessary to fill in the gaps. This groundbreaking research, now enables you to supplement with the nutrients you need based upon your own unique genetic makeup.

Detoxification - SOD & Glutathione

We now know that the aging process, and quite often the cause of disease, is a result of what are called free radicals. Your cells use oxygen to make energy, and it is believed that, during this process, 5-10% of the oxygen can become a free radical, called superoxide. Superoxide combines with a valuable molecule called nitric oxide andforms the very dangerous molecule, peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite is an oxidizing agent that breaks us down and is implicated in many health conditions.

Fortunately, our body makes three important molecules that protect us from these oxidizing agents. These molecules are superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione and catalase. Through these molecules, called antioxidants, we have the ability to neutralize this superoxide molecule. If we have the right DNA, and the right ingredients, our body makes superoxide dismutase. Superoxide dismutase turns superoxide into hydrogen peroxide, and then molecules called glutathione and catalase turn them into oxygen and water. We have genes that make superoxide dismutase, glutathione and catalase. Unfortunately, it is also possible to have genetic variants on these genes, where we do not make these antioxidants as efficiently as we should. If this is our inherited condition, it is very valuable to know this, as supplementation that provides or supports the production of these molecules may be very helpful.

The SODenzyme makes the very powerful antioxidant, super oxide dismutase (SOD). SOD neutralizes the free radical super oxide. Variants on this gene may increase the amount of super oxide radicals, and subsequently may also increase the formation of the nasty oxidative agent, peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite breaks the body down causing damage and inflammation. The product, Nutrition & Anti-Oxidant Accelerator, supports the production of SOD and also contains a small amount of SOD. However, if the total variants is three or more, it may be best to supplement with additional SOD along with the product, Pro SOD/Catalase.

Glutathioneis the master antioxidant that clears dangerous toxins from the body and supports the immune system and the liver. Glutathione takes the hydrogen peroxide made from SOD and turns it into O2, which is oxygen. Studies have shown that individualswho live the longest, have higher amounts of glutathione.