Shielding Films.


Windows are the most important areas of a room to shield, because they’re the principal portals for RF/MW radiation. This window film will reduce exposure to radiation in the 30 MHz to 4.5 GHz range (the frequency limits of the testing) – by more than 22 dB at cell phone frequencies. You simply cut it to size, peel the backing, wet it, and apply, then squeeze out any air pockets. It’s good to cut it a little large so you can then use an exacto knife to trim it as close to the frame as possible, especially along the vertical edges.

In addition to RF shielding, this film reduces heat gain in the summer by up to 79%, and heat loss in the winter, and makes windows opaque from the outside when the sun is on them, without reducing visibility from the inside. This can mean saving about one ton of air conditioning for every 100 sq. ft. of sun-exposed glass, and a reduction of up to 30% of heat loss in the winter. It also reduces glare and blocks 98% of UV rays, protecting interior surfaces from fading.

You can find professional installers in most areas if you don’t want to do it yourself. For Installation Instructions Click Here

Scotch Tint is Available only in 100 ft rolls and silver-blue tint, in two widths.

ScotchTint Shielding Performance Frequency Attenuation Frequency Attenuation 30 MHz 24 dB 1 GHz 24 dB 100 MHz 22 dB 2.5 GHz 26 dB 300 MHz 22 dB 4.5 GHz 27 dB Shading Coefficient .26 Emissivity .65 Glare Reduction 78% Visible Light Reflected 58% Heat Gain Reduction 72% ”U” Value .95 Visible Light Transmitted 19% Heat Loss Reduction 10% Visible Light Energy Rejected 77%

ScotchTintTM 36″ wide x100′ (Cat. #WAH1215-36) …………… $599.00 per roll


Trial size: 36″ wide x 25′ (Cat. #WAH1215-36-25) …………… $270.00 per roll


ScotchTint™ 60 inches wide (Cat. #WAHA1215-60) … $990.00 per roll


CLEAR-SHIELD™ Plastic Film

Non-Light-Reflecting RF Shielding

Sometimes you don’t want light-reflecting RF shielding, and this film lets in 80% of the light while reducing RF transmission. Sputter-coated with silver-indium to make it highly conductive (27 ohms/sq.), it makes an excellent electric field and RF shield. Five mil thick and easy to cut to cover car windows, VDT and TV screens, MW-oven windows, eyeglasses – even make a shield for your cell phone and portable phone. It’s heat-stable up to 80°C (176°F). The width is 2 feet – specify number of ft when ordering by quantity.

Clear-Shield (Cat. WAH1210-24) …………. $29.95 per foot


Microwave Absorbing Carbon Laminate

Non-woven carbon fiber offers shielding as well as high microwave absorption. Appealing as a shielding option when you’d rather not use only reflecting shielding (to protect people in the vicinity whom the waves might be reflecting towards). The carbon material has a plastic laminate on it for ease of handling, reduced carbon dust and durability.

Carbon base material (without plastic laminate): Width: 48 inch (1219 mm), Weight: 34 g/m², Thickness: 18 mil (0.445 mm), Resistivity: ~3 Ohms per square, Tensile: 47 N/15mm. Relatively hard, inflexible material compared to fabrics though very light weight. Air and light do not penetrate. Use to line walls or for partitions or to line heavy curtains.

Please note, with some lighter weight shielding fabrics, which may not shield 100%, sometimes just using carbon laminate underneath the fabric to absorb stray microwaves can do the job. It is always best to purchase an Electrosmog Meter. to assess the RF/MV remediation results. Sometimes more than one layer of the carbon laminate is needed to reduce the microwaves to zero, but note with the carbon laminate this can be accomplished at a much lower cost than using multiple layers of the shielding fabrics.

Also helpful to absorb stray microwaves on rooftops where an antenna has been placed. Place this absorber underneath a metal shield.

MW Absorbing Sheet (Cat. #WAH259N) … $8.95 per lin ft


Roll Surcharge … $10.00 Material will ship folded if this is not selected


Laminated MW Absorbing Sheet [100 lin ft roll] (Cat. #WAH259N-roll) ……….. $671.25