Reducing Cell Phone Headsets, Cell Phone Cases.


“Minimizes Radiation Around the Head”

If you must use a cell phone to make a call, distance is very important. Using a headset to increase the distance from the phone to your head dramatically reduces your radiation exposure.

AIR TUBE headsets are designed to minimize your exposure even more because there are no speakers or electronics (no EMF) in the earpiece itself. The sound is carried through a tube into your earpiece, so that radiation and EMF can’t travel through the wire into your ear.

Ear-bud style with soft rubber cushions. The cord is 39 in. and has a built-in microphone. Works with most phone models. Patented. Please check your phone for which plug style you need.

Air Tube Headsets:

For iPhone and similar models:

3.5 mm, 3 band plug (black) Mono – one ear bud (Cat. #WAH283) ………… $24.95 Buy Now.

3.5 mm, 3 band plug (black) Stereo – two ear buds (Cat. #WAH284) ………. $24.95 Buy Now.

For most cordless phones and other styles:

2.5 mm, 2 band plug (black) Mono – one ear bud (Cat. #WAH280) ………. $19.95 Buy Now.

2.5 mm, 3 band plug (white) Mono – one ear bud (Cat. #WAH281) ……….. $19.95 Buy Now.


This pouch shields your body from the radiation emitted by your phone while being 12carried in your pocket. It fits perfectly in most pockets and your cell phone slides easily in and out. The Pocket Shield is discreet. It is invisible while worn and weighs only a few ounces.

Works in either the right or left pocket. The Pocket Shield can also be used in a purse or bag to shield the side facing your body. Made to fit phones up to 2.5 x 5 inches.

Pocket Shield (Cat. #WAH315) ………….. $39.99



Laboratory Tested to Reflect up to 99% of Microwave Radiation Away from the Body

When carrying a cell phone in your pocket, your vital and reproductive organs and all systems of your body are being exposed to microwave radiation, which dissipates internal. The Pocket Patch is designed to protect your body from 99% of the radiation being emitted by your cell phone while carrying it. Made of high performance shielding material, Pocket Patch is an iron-on patch that reflects radiation away from your body. Easy to apply. Invert pocket, cut patch to size as needed (the bigger area the better) and iron on. Use patch on jackets or other loose fitting clothes—not on skin-tight clothing. Just make sure that it is placed between the phone and your body—NOT on the outward side of the pocket as that would reflect the fields back towards you.

- Pocket Patch fabric: 90% cotton, 9.5% copper and 0.5% silver- Dimensions: 14cm x 9.5cm (5.5″ x 3.75″)- Gentle on skin, washable, durable and comfortable- Care Instructions: Machine wash, cold water. No bleach. Do not dry clean.

Each package contains 3 patches.

Pocket Patch (Cat. #WAH333) … $19.95



This is a very thin, transparent adhesive film that you peel off, cut to size and place over your cell phone. It incorporates a high performance shielding material providing 40+ dB attenuation. You can use this with many kinds of phones, such as flip phones and PDAs. Not for phones with touch screens, however. You get 2 pieces 2.75 x 4 inches. Place on the side of your phone that faces your head. The phone emits radiation not just from the antenna and this shielding material will lessen your exposure considerably. Yu can still pres the keys, fold up, recharge

Skin-Blok (Cat. #WAH244) …………. $11.95

Want to cover your laptop screens, windows or even your microwave oven door? By this 11” Skin-Block™ material by the linear foot. Specific length you desire. Note that sometimes Moire patterns may occur with some digital displays due to mesh size.


Skin-Blok Wide (Cat. #WAH245) ……….. $24.95 per lin foot.



While you can use this good-looking leather cell phone case in your pocket or purse, it is also useful for those wanting to put their cell phone in a holster attached to the belt. Very durable. Flap closes securely with a magnet. Belt clip can be horizontal or vertical. Shield your body from cell phone radiation! Very important for pregnant moms or couples wanting to conceive. Please note, the shielding is on the side of the case where the belt clip is. This shields the radiation on the side of your body (or the side of your purse facing your body), but still allows the phone to ring. If you want more complete shielding, we suggest you turn off the phone.

Cellphone Holster Large (Cat. #WAH233-L) …… $49.95

Fits Blackberry 8300, Motorola Razr, and similar phones up to 4.5×2.6×0.6 inch (115 x 66 x 15mm).



‘Hands Free’ over-the-head headset for use with cell phones, and also with tape or CD players. This is for people who prefer for comfort the ‘over-the-head’ style to headsets with only an earbud. Significantly reduces cell phone radiation to your head. You can use this with the microphone on either side. Also features an adjustable boom microphone for optimum voice output and a four-foot cord. Comfortable, solid feel that stays in place better than headsets with earbuds and goes on quicker.

Standard 2.5mm 2-band jack for use with office, home, cellular or wireless phones. (black)

Boom Headset 2.5mm (Cat. #WAH726-2.5) ………… $17.95



An RF-Sponge for Wiring

Headset wires (and anything else metallic) can become an antenna for high-frequency signals and noise, and transmit the RF to your head. A ferrite bead acts like a sponge for high frequencies and keeps them from continuing on to the ends of the wires closer to your body. The two halves of the small bead snap together around the wires and “soak up” the RF. They’re very light, grey in color, and about an inch long, with a minimum of 50 ohms impedence. They fit wires 5 mm in diameter or less (you can knot smaller wires at each end of the bead to keep it in place)..

Ferrite Snap Bead (Cat. #WAH238)………. $4.95


Ultra Low EMF Telephone

This is a fabulous home or office phone for people who are sensitive to the strong magnetic fields associated with the handset, speakerphone or telephone base of many conventional telephones.

Desktop or wall mount corded telephone (no microwaves) combined with a special ultra low EMF headset. The special headset cord is about 3 feet long and uses a clear plastic tube to carry the sound to your ear. No electronics, wires or magnets are near your head. The cord can be extended up to 9 feet with optional extension cord, sold separately. Reduction in magnetic fields is significant.

Features speed dial, redial, speakerphone and a hold button. Phone is white, and has volume control. The phone itself does not have any shielding or EMF reduction technology. Instead the benefit derives from the jack for the special headset. Please note if you already have a phone with a headset jack you only will need to buy the headset alone and not the telephone.

Ultra Low EMF Telephone – White (Cat. #WAH725W) …… $99.95 Need extra length? Connect up to 4 of these extensions between the headset and the phone base. Each extension is 6 feet long.

Already have a phone with a headset jack? You can order just the special headset.


Headset Extension Cord 6 ft (Cat. #WAH236-EXT) …………. $4.95



Prevents The Passage Of Electric Charge, Microwaves, And Moisture

EMP Faraday Bags are designed to protect sensitive electronics and other items against EMP current, static discharge, microwave transmission, RFID snooping and moisture damage.

EMP Faraday Bags are recommended to protect:

  • Laptops
  • Cellphones
  • ipads
  • Flesh Drive
  • Floppy Disk
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Passports
  • Credit Cards
  • And much more.

The Small 8X8W bag is ideal for cell phones, iPods, flash drives, GPS and small cameras. Large 16×18? bag is ideal for laptops, gaming systems, radios and accessories.

EMP Faraday Bags have a 38-pound puncture resistance. The multiple layer construction provides full protection against ESD, EMI/RFI and tribocharging. The moisture barrier performance exceeds foil laminates for low Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR), even after flexing. Opening can be heat sealed with a hot iron. Manufacturer recommends double bagging for best results. Does not provide magnetic shielding.

Electrical Properties
  • *EMI Shielding (MIL-B-81705-Rev-C): >40 db Between 1 & 10 GHz
  • *Resistivity-Conductive Metal Layer (ASTM D-257): <2 Ohms/sq
  • *Surface Resistivity (both surfaces) (ASTM I-257 @ 12% RH): <10 12 Ohms. sq. in.
  • *Static Decay (FTMS 101C, Method 4046.1 5000 to 0 Volts): <0.05 Seconds
  • *Capacitive Probe Test (High Voltage Discharge) – (EIA-std 541/Appendix E-1 KV): <8 Volts
  • *Charge Generation-nominal (Modified incline plane Avg. nC/ -0.09 Quartz: +0.10
Physical Properties.
  • *Total Thickness: 7.0 mils
  • *Light Transmission (ASTM D-1003-77) <.01%
  • *Tensile Strength (ASTM D882-83 Method A) 735 lbs.
  • *Tear Strength: (D1004-66 – Notched) MD: 5.8 lbs. TD: 7.5 lbs.
  • *Burst Strength (FTMS 101-C Method 2007 1a) >130 psi
  • *Puncture Strength (FTMS 101-C Method A) >38 lbs.
  • *Elongation (ASTM D822-83 Method A)MD: 40% TD: 74%

Meets the military specification MIL-B-81705-Rev-C

EMP Faraday Bag

Small 8×8 inch: (Cat. #WAH264S) ………….. $5.95


Large 16×18 inch: (Cat. #WAH264L) ………$15.95



Decrease your radiation exposure by 95%, simply by increasing the distance between the phone and your head and body with this stylish black handset. Plugs intoiPhone 4, 4S, 5 and most cell phones with a 3.55mm jack. This handset has less echo than some hands free sets, has an answer key and volume control.

Iphone Retro Handset:

(Cat. #WAH348) …………… $26.95



Add length to your headset cord, allowing you to keep the cell phone even farther from your head and body. This extension cord is 3 feet long and works with a standard 3.5mm, 3 band phone jack. One end goes into the phone, the other end connects to your headset. You can combine up to 4 extensions cords, allowing you to get 12 feet away.

iPhone Extension Cord (Cat. #WAH446) …… $4.95



Credit Card Holster

Protect your credit information from being stolen through contactless information transfer.

You can test it out by making a swipe purchase first with Cardbloc and then without it. A tight fit is needed for it to be effective, so if your card can still be read while inside the Cardbloc, put in a few more credit cards or business cards until it’s comfortably full.

Cardbloc contains metal so it can set off Airport security alarms it, but should not set-off in-store anti-theft alarms.

Cardbloc will not harm your cards. The soft leather pouches will last a long time under normal use, but should not get wet. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

2½ x 4 inches, soft and flexible.

CardBloc (Cat. #WAH235) ……. $9.95



Protect Your Private Information

This shielded passport jacket blocks the transmission of the high frequency waves used to read smart (contactless) passports. The jacket protects your passport from identity theft. Passport slips in and out easily to present it to authorities.

Dimensions: 3-3/4 x 5-1/8 inches, fits most passports.

Passport Shield (Cat. #WAH266)……$5.95 each