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DR. E. K. SCHANDL- Professional Consultations

DR. E. K. SCHANDL- Professional Consultations

The 7 Aspects of Health

Life is a Gift, Health is a Privilege! The Gift I am thankful for and The Privilege I have to work and pay for.

The PRESCRIPTION calls for the acceptance and implementation of the 7 Aspects of Health, (Mind and Spirit, Supplementation, Pureness of Foods, Drinks, Air and Light, Detoxification, Exercise to a Degree of Exhaustion, Rest and Meditation, and To Love and Being Loved), developing a congenial relationship with a health professional, and submitting to comprehensive yearly blood analysis for early detecting disorders before a catastrophic disease strikes.

The Longevity Profile© and the Cancer Profile© were designed with that in mind. Yes, indeed there is where prevention starts. Naturally, a Metabolic Program will work under any condition for the improvement of health. In disease, we believe that the best approach is the combination of traditional medicine and knowledge, and the ever more accepted metabolic approach. Make a spiritual, psychological, physical commitment to


Dr. Schandl is available for consultations in the areas of nutrition, biochemistry, oncobiology, and other health and longevity matters.

If you have any health problems or interest in prevention, a metabolic program can be of benefit to you. It is based on your laboratory results, a patient questionnaire, measurements, diagnostic, complaints, and available previous evaluations.

Dr. Schandl will write an individualized program that covers the 7 aspects of health described above.

If you had a Longevity Profile done within the last 30 days, or are planning to have one soon, inquire about it.