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Dr. Kelley has been and probably will always be the leading authority in this area of the metabolic protocol. I always hear someone try to explain one of the different procedures we use, with elements added that have little or NO affect on the individual.

Once one has begun a metabolic program, even if it is a minimal approach as far as the correct supplements are concerned, metabolic toxicity eventually will accumulate in different organs, indicating cellular toxicity. There are varied methods of rebalancing the body chemistry, which are listed here, but the procedure is ONLY available via your metabolic therapist. You should also consult your personal physician when incorporating any and all of the listed procedures.

  • Coffee Enema
  • Gall bladder, liver flush
  • Purge and fast
  • Dr. Jensen's 7 day cleanse
  • Colonic therapy

This information is available via the Metabolic Institute, along with personal consultation.