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Create a Toxin-Free Body & Home Starting Today With Dr. Wm Lee Cowden and Connie Strasheim

Create a Toxin-Free Body & Home Starting Today Paperback – June 23, 2014

by W. Lee Cowden (Author), MD (Author), MDH (Author), Connie Strasheim (Author), John Maling (Editor)

It's dangerous out there. Environmental toxins permeate your home and workplace, and are a principal cause of most chronic, degenerative diseases today. Some of these toxins you may be aware of, but chances are, most of them you are not. Create a Toxin-Free Body & Home... Starting Today delivers strategies that will help you to become, or remain, healthy, and strong. It teaches you how to thrive amidst the onslaught of everyday toxins that are prevalent in the air, water and food supply, as well as in you home, household products, cars, and the industrial substances that you come in to contact with daily. You can't escape toxic exposures, but you can reduce their effects... starting today. When you eliminate toxins: your mind begins to operate with