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You, the patient, remember the old days when your physician would listen to your questions, address your concerns and meet your needs. Your physician would sit down with you and take as long as necessary to assess your health, valuing prevention and treatment as equally important. You even recall that your family physician, no longer a viable option, would know your name.


The attempt to make medical facilities more "efficient" has evolved into a cascading whirlwind of impersonal attention to patients' needs. As the minutes pass, patients are churned in and out of doctors' offices. Patients are recalled by number, rather than name or family association. The concept of "family doctor" is long in the past, as referrals to "specialists" further make a patient's link to his/her doctor an impossible task. The patient-doctor relationship has become flawed, distant and, by default, unnerving. The truth of today's medical practitioners is becoming impersonal and daunting.


Despite the current assembly line trend turning patients into mechanized numbers, there are many physicians who care about your individual needs, and take the time to address them.

Dr. Schandl recognizes that you, the patient, are not a number. You have a history, a family. You have concerns about your health, whether they be existing conditions or preventive in nature, and you deserve to be heard. Dr. Schandl will take the time to discuss your specific needs in an initial consultation, and follow through in like manner in follow-up visits. In fact, Dr. Schandl will even remember your name.