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Keep Healing Logical Understanding Your Body’s Biology Kelley Metabolic Center, Inc.


This document summarizes the process for the Kelley Metabolic program. It has changed over time to reflect current knowledge but maintains the basics for metabolic type and utilization of the Kelley enzymes for a given condition. Keep healing in a logical sequence. Example: if you have been exposed to chemotherapy or radiation you have to first address the root issues these treatment cause.

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  • Outline of perspectives and goals

A. Metastatic rate or spread of cancer
B. Dental issues such as amalgams or root canals
C. Issues relating to previous treatment(s), surgeries
D. Previous surgeries, trauma, or toxic exposure
E. Blood tests to determine hidden causes
F. Remote monitoring by blood, urine, or Biomedical Testing:

1. Supplement choices can be measured to determine if your current choices are of benefit or detriment to the healing process.
2. Food choices
3. Organ issues
4. Sensitivity to toxin and current toxic load
5. Emotional issues affecting the healing process
6. Digestive process and determine what needs to be done to improve the digestive system.

G. Lymphatic drainage can be done and must be done daily (dairy causes horrific clogging of lymphatic systems.
H. Nourishment levels, especially proteins
I. Detox with quality organic soap: there is only one we recommend. If you cannot eat it, do not put it on your skin.
J. Do not wear shoes into the house when entering from the outside: you have no idea what you are tracking into the house.
K. Parasites: come from animals (dogs and cats track this into the home), shoe traffic brings it into the home.
L. Use filters on shower for chemicals, toxins, and drugs
M. Filter water for drinking, bathing (unfiltered shower water is potentially chlorine gas, fluoride, petrochemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs not filtered by your city water system), but wells can be contaminated as well.
N. GMO foods are a huge source of contamination and immune suppression.
O. GUT issues that may impact the ability of the body to heal and absorb proteins

1. Europe dumped GMO foods with good cause.
2. What does GMO do to leaky GUT

P. Evaluation of diet to determine if adequate nourishment or lack thereof is derailing the healing process

1. Inadequate protein will lead to slow or no healing, slow or no cellular repair, low blood counts, even anemia. Many diets chosen are medically lower in proper or adequate nourishment retarding the healing process or leading to cachexia. Many who come to us are malnourished, low on minerals and essential amino acids, unintentionally. This does not mean you simply load the body with protein. Too much protein can feed cancer as much as sugar, if you overload the body. You can also put a great deal of toxic load on the liver, kidney and spleen if you are not careful.

Q. Toxins levels and organ toxicity

1. Detoxing can be risky if not done properly.
2. If chemotherapy or radiation exposure has occurred, create a safe detox program that will not further harm the person.

R. Blood work to determine levels of inflammation and whether it is chronic or acute.
S. Blood Work Suggested: Full profile

1. Amino Acids, 20 plasma-Metametrix KIT
2. 10 Most Important Tests
3. Thyroid Panel, Special Plus

T. Testing of blood, hormones, and cancer levels without harm to the person.

1. Common tumor markers do not evaluate metastatic issues or active levels of cancer and often miss the most important issues of cancer activity leaving the person with cancer with a false positive reading of cancer levels that belies the true level of cancer in the body.

U. Address surgical scars with the intent to detox scars safely.
V. Dietary needs. Too many programs are not metabolically suitable to a given need with poor food combining, leading to an inadvertent increase in cancer activity, inflammation and poor healing potential.

  • Objective

A. Most people come to us malnourished from a diet choice (“I have cancer so now I must be vegan or vegetarian without balancing the body’s needs.”) with which they are unfamiliar, so we strive to direct you in food and juicing choices that support the energy needs of the body. Unfortunately, if you are not getting enough nutrition your body will not heal and the pH acid/alkaline will not matter. You must be strong and vigorous to wage battle with health issues. Imagine you are preparing for a rigorous sporting event; cancer is no different and the demands are greater. Read the latest article on cancer STEM cells and metastasis (spreading of cancer) for a clearer picture of the issues and understand why absorbable protein is so important and how this is impacted by a vegan/vegetarian diet if there is no clear guidance and understanding pertaining to protein needs and timing of the same. The test for this should be done as a baseline and periodically as treatment ensues.

1. Our programs are designed to create a new lifestyle of healing and recovery and done in the home not in a clinic because this is a platform change is for the rest of your life with the first several months created relative to need. The change occurs over time and it is not an “event”. Going to an office is not where the changes occur. The changes must occur in your everyday life.


1. Stopping metastasis, the spreading of cancer and STEM cell proliferation is the most important issue, followed by proper nourishment that feeds the body but starves the cancer. When we hear “I am doing the Gerson diet”, this is not often the case. Most of the time someone is doing some part of it and this becomes a failed effort and leads to malnutrition, a condition cancer will flourish for many reasons you need to understand. The core of a Kelley program is to use the best available methods to stop STEM cells and return the body to balance or homeostasis.
2. Measuring pH once a day is nearly useless you do it and saliva simultaneously and do so with a daily journal to see trends not individual numbers.

a. pH of the urine or saliva is far different than the blood. Relying on this as your benchmark of reality in the body may be misleading with false positive or false negatives because it does not relate directly to blood.

1. This is part of our training; how to monitor the body for a good outcome as you are doing a program.

3. TESTING: Testing is imperative. It is not enough to “feel good”. People we monitor and support with stage 4 cancer feel good, are living full lives, exercise, etc. but we need to monitor them with blood, urine, saliva tests and other tests to evaluate progress.
4. DIET: If your diet choice is resulting in muscle loss, energy loss, memory issues, gas, irritable bowel, toxic reactions or overall lethargy this needs to be resolved. If you don’t have the energy for a vigorous or energetic life you may not have enough energy to heal. The GUT or digestive system must be healed for the body to heal. This is not a simple task especially when the body has a “leaky GUT syndrome”. The product of choice for many is L-glutamine, but this feeds cancer. Too many diets we have seen actually feed cancer inadvertently. Others contribute to pain and insulin resistance.
5. PAIN: Pain relates to many conditions in the body. The doctor says “you have bone cancer mets so you have pain”. This is a gross statement devoid of knowledge and it does not require pain medicines to stop. Pain medicines contribute to cancer growth, exacerbation of pain, and a derailing of the immune system and healing process. We stop pain in safe ways when pain is present.

a. Be aware when hospice is brought into the picture they are not there to help with cancer, they are there to give as many drugs as is necessary to get the patient quiet, even if this means an overdose. If your goal is to heal you must be very careful with this service. We have had to help rescue many from near-death experiences with this service. The patient’s goal of survival and the goal of hospice are not the same goal. Please believe and understand this.

6. Detox:

a. Detox of heavy metals without contamination of the rest of the body which often happens with leaky GUT, which we find in 95% of the population. If you detox without healing the GUT you contaminate the body further. We plan for this and avoid this issue.
b. Detox of xenoestrogen: Lowering threat from “bad” estrogen toxins: supplements for estrogen detox without risk to the organs. There are many with some much more effective than others. We use specialized fermented products.

7. Detox the body safely so the vital organs are not compromised leading to cachexia ad organ suppression and failure. This is essential for healing. If you detox heavy metals with a leady GUT, you then allow the toxins to enter the blood stream which can then cross the blood brain barrio.

a. Support organs and systems of detox to prevent overwhelming the systems that need to be in full health.

i. Most people with metastatic disease have compromised systems to begin with and the effort to stop and reverse it can put an additional load on those systems. If you are not careful with detox and organ support you can experience much pain and slowed healing. The body is a system that must be synergized to be functional and effective.

C. Supply supplements that are part of the Kelley protocol and organ system protocols that degrade tumor activity, including the proliferation of STEM cells. If the supplements are not combined properly the metabolic system of recovery will not be effective.
D. Supply Immune support and supplements that prevent metastasis, rebuild solid collagen, rebuild muscle mass and bring hormones into homeostasis. Combining foods properly is the key to a successful program. If not done properly the body ferments the food leading to more fungi, and we know there is a fungus link to cancer.
E. Provide pancreatic proteolytic enzymes to replace those not made by the pancreas. The only proven enzymes are the Kelley Enzymes called Pamimune. Be aware there are many “generic” brands that are not as strong and you have to become educated on this topic to know how to choose the proper enzymes or you will waste your money and negatively affect your program success.
F. Provide supplements to prevent metastasis as shown on the CaProfile and Longevity test reports.
G. CaProfile: The one to use and the one we use for monitoring those receiving help with cancer is the CaProfile.

1. CaProfile: It is 8 different tests from both urine and blood taken on the same day, at the same. The CaProfile has accuracy down to 2400 cells of 90-95%, far greater than any other test including Cat Scans and MRI’s. We found the single point HCG tests were too inaccurate.
2. This will tell you the level of cancer, the level of metastasis, the strength of the immune system, if your immune system is allowing metastasis to manifest other tumors, the condition of the thyroid, liver, and biological age of the person taking the test. WE do not recommend individual tests (Ca 15-3, Ca 19-9), for example is because it can be misleading to the above mentioned conditions. The CaProfile can be used to measure the success of a program with repeatability and sensitivity.


iv. PHI
vi. CEA
vii. TSH
viii. DHEA-S

3. Prescription for the lab to draw the blood for the serum sample.

A. CONSULTATION COMPONENTS: Dietary consult, design and monitoring daily, with much time given each day to your daily routine and guiding each process you conduct in your home. We will help you do a home assessment of current toxicities that need to be resolved. Monitoring, guiding, and organizing your ongoing program are a part of this plan. There will be a need for blood work and interpretation of blood work to assess and monitor progress. The design of the program is to restore your body back to normal homeostasis where there is no need for this program in its outlined design. All bodies have cancer and the difference between life with cancer and no life with cancer is a matter of degrees and amounts of cancer. The “tumor” is not the issue. A tumor is the symptom of the underlying issue that must be addressed. When this is resolved the body reaches homeostasis or balance.

  • What do you need to do to start the program

A. To start the program, we would invoice you and funds would need to be wired, or paid with a cashier’s check or money order.
B. As soon as funds are received, we would order supplement and organize support
C. We would send you dietary outlines and methods to follow, including juicing.
D. Agenda Items would be sent with the protocol

1. Biomedical Monthly testing at a cost of $137/month for current clients; Initial fee is $632 for initial scan and consultation.

a. Biomedical test: We do this with a Virtual online clinic. We connect our clinic to your home. We do not like guesswork when helping people evaluate potential disease issues. We test to determine what are the strongest issues stressing the body and which supplements actually work for the given issue, which foods, and in what priority. When we test we find people the eating the wrong foods and was not taking the most important supplement for their issue. Everyone is different. You could do the Biomedical test with our biosurveys for cancer, which would tell you much more information, with the same accuracy as a cancer test, and it would tell you what is contributing to any symptoms and issues you may have. Our biosurveys were written by one of the top doctors for cancer in the world and who uses the same system for his own patients. We can evaluate your heavy metal, infections, and level of cancer. There are bioenergetics in the body that will tell us the entire template in the body so we know, and you will know what to do.
b. The main categories are:

i. Cause of Disease: what is the underlying cause of disease suppressing the immune system?
ii. Risk of Cancer: What is contributing to the cancer present in the body and what will it take to lower that risk;
iii. Dental issues: Dental issues can lower the immune system and affects all meridians that affect the body and in turn the organs associated with those teeth meridians.
iv. Mycotoxins: (One of the most serious): Healing and recovery is very difficult without addressing these issues.
v. Lyme Risk: immune suppressive
vi. Emotional components: When this is addressed effectively healing will occur much more effectively.

1. EVOX: we have used this very successfully to help people resolve these issues. This often dominates the healing process and is the root cause of all illness and recovery. If this is not familiar, please study it.

vii. Heavy Metals: All toxins suppress the immune system, and quite often it is mercury from the teeth. Once identified it can be removed.
viii. Toxins of all kinds: When the body is fighting toxins it is not fighting cancer. Detox is essential.
ix. Location of Toxic Foci: Cancer often harbors where there is a focus of toxic foci, so it must be effectively addressed with a special methodology applicable in the home with remedies created by our staff.

  • Build a daily program of joy, rolling in the grass with the children, loving life and looking for the next beautiful sunset.
  • Supplementation and Detox

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