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EVOX and Recall Healing

This technique and therapy is a body of work developed over decades of research and applied sciences. It has healed and changed the lives of many people around the world. Recall Healing is best explained by the examples to follow. Recall Healing and EVOX are not psychological methods, per se, they are a method that transcends dialog. It is not what we know that affects us, it is what we don’t know. When a person meets with a therapist they share what they know. With Evox and Recall Healing, it is the matters below the surface that were place there long ago for “survival”. When we do discover what we don’t know, we can then resolve it. EVOX literally uses your own voice, and all the associated emotions associated with your voice and gives it back to you in healing, homeopathic solutions, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to travel. We work effectively with clients all over the world who have healed from years of unknown influences. The work is done with you in your home.

Interview with Dr. Lee Cowden about Evox

Dr. Rankin interview with Dr. Theresa Dale

Interview with Suzanne Keehn, Creative Health Network (CHN), Palo Alto CA

Hi Everyone,

I want to share with you why those of us who have experienced Recall Healing and EVOX feel that it is a unique system and a process that gives access to our subconscious mind. What makes Recall Healing special is the information about how our parent’s conflicts at the time of conception are downloaded into the fetus as biological conflicts. An example would be if your parents conceive you after having a big argument, you would have the condition of needing to bring harmony between your parents and others. If you failed, or felt you did, and they later divorced, you would feel a failure, that you were not enough. Our body is our subconscious, though we may have 'understood' much about ourselves and our conditioning, if we still have unpleasant cycles, behaviors, or illnesses that do not clear up, means it is still in our subconscious and needs clearing.

Recall Healing provides tools to access and heal these unconscious patterns. Gilbert Renaud calls it "Healing through Awareness." No matter what we think is going on, our body more accurately reflects the unconscious patterns which the conscious mind is not able to. When in doubt look/feel at what your body is telling you. It is not just reflecting your 'stuff', it is reflecting your parent’s psychological conflicts and even the two generations behind them. This process is especially beneficial for those who have been struggling with chronic or long term conditions.

Another unique understanding of the brain/body relationship of Recall Healing is that disease, which is usually presented to us as a failure and that we are doing something wrong, in Recall Healing illness is understood as the body/brain's attempt to save the entire organism as long as possible. So illness is actually buying us time to heal the conflict. We invite you to come and experience EVOX and Recall Healing. "Knowledge frees us and Love heals."

"Whatever does not emerge as Consciousness returns as Destiny."
Karl G. Jung

What is recall healing?

Recall Healing® is a synthesis made by Gilbert Renaud based on the work of Claude Sabbah with Total Biology (mainly) & Gérard Athias with Biopsychogenealogy and Biology of the physiology; Ryke Geerd Hamer with his concept of German New Medicine.

Recall Healing® provides a frame work in order to help and guide an ill person to identify the emotional trauma behind his condition; but also to help anyone who wishes to work preventively to optimize his health. This Recall Healing® modality considers a human being as a “triad”: psyche, automatic brain and body. A disease/behavior or symptom is quite often the automatic brain’s response to a stress that occurred in the person’s life. The Recall Healing® specialist (guides) helps the client to “recall” or remember extraordinary events that happened in their life history. When the client understands “why” he is ill, makes the connection between life events and their health condition, this is already a big part of the healing process. And then, with the help of his health care professional, he completes his healing.

Recall Healing: Name It, Claim It, Let It Go

Michelle LaMasa-Schrader is the founder and owner of a mind-body medicine practice in Covina, California. She is a member of the scientific advisory board for Recall Healing International, a facilitator of Recall Healing, and researcher of Recall Healing and mind-body medicine. Michelle works with individuals educating them about the source of their illness and teaches skills in which individuals can access their internal wisdom for self-care and transformation. She holds Master Degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies and a doctorate in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University. She is certified through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. In addition, Michelle holds certificates in Neuroemotional Technique and Neuro-linguistic Programming. She is on faculty at several colleges and universities. She is a wife, a mother of three, and grandmother of four. Her passion is in Recall Healing and helping individuals walk through their health journey.

"I couldn't imagine the importance of being aware"

Themes addressed in Recall Healing and EVOX: Recall helps to bring awareness, and EVOX helps to bring complete resolution to the awareness.


Rectal Cancer diagnosis, Male: When I came to Kelley Metabolic Center for cancer testing, there was no way to know that issues with my mother, that have been bad for 38 years, which is all of my adult life, and never good as a child, would resolve with EVOX. The rectal cancer has resolved and my relationship with my mother is wonderful. She is 82, and I am 62. Cancer is totally under control. How the EVOX and Recall Healing did this is beyond my imagination, but I don’t need to understand it, it just works. The team at Kelley Metabolic Center are so loving and understanding and have positively affected my entire family. Rick, UK.

Breast Cancer, 48 years old. After my diagnosis the doctors were pushing for mastectomies, chemo and many other methods of treatment. When I found Kelley Metabolic Center, their first focus was to calm me down and tend to my emotional crisis. The person I talked to prayed with me. Until I could focus, fear influenced every decision. When I received my test results there was cancer, but I knew the folks at Kelley Metabolic Center could help me. I started EVOX before I started any program and it helped me to focus and leave behind all the issues that were derailing me, not only my cancer, but my life. My brother returned home after being gone 15 years. My mom and I have a good relationship now, for the first time since I was 3. I have experienced a miracle in my life and in my family.

Lung Cancer, 58 year old male. When I first contacted Kelley Metabolic Center, I had decided not to do surgery, radiation, or chemo. I live a full, 60 hour work week as a professional musician. I wanted and needed to keep playing and wanted to heal. With Recall Healing and EVOX, I was able to understand the how life experiences contributed to the cancer in my lungs and how it affected my ability to heal. Now that all of my tests are clear, my Cancer Profile is clear, I continue to monitor with the Biomedical system and every 6 months with the Cancer Profile. EVOX helped so much in my life and in my marriage. My wife did not do the EVOX, but it positively affected her, nonetheless. I cannot explain how this happens, but it is not enough to say I am grateful. Randy, U.S.

Colon and Lung cancer, 57 years old, female. When I found Kelley Metabolic Center, I was scared out of my (mind) time. I tried IPT for low dose chemo. It damaged my feet so badly. We live in the mountains. I could not walk and thought I would die. That has all changed. My feet have been restored, the cancer is completely under control at very low levels, I am back to hiking, and I work a very busy schedule with my own company. With (KMC)their help my life is back to normal. The EVOX helped me to get a different perspective and how the loss of my mother at the age of 6, and many other issues affected me. There is no more fear, and no more fear about cancer and having a very long life. Thank you Kelley Metabolic Center. Not only did you help resolve the cancer, you helped my family to heal from years of personal and physical trauma. I am forever grateful. MT, U.S.

Prostate Cancer, Lung cancer, 72 year old male. When I found Kelley Metabolic Center for testing with the special test they have, I was satisfied with the results. I tried to do my own program and the cancer continue to get worse. Then I decided to ask (KMC) them for help and my life changed. At my age, what could change? As a very successful businessman with a child in their 20’s, cancer had a grip on (me)my and what I did not know, was what emotion contributed to it. When Kelley Metabolic helped me with testing, guidance, EVOX and Recall Healing, not only did the cancer get under control, my relationship with my wife and son improved in ways I could not have predicted. I realize my fear of dying caused the cancer to appear in my lungs, and my relationship with my family, contributed to the prostate cancer. It was not metastasis that cause cancer to be in the lungs and lymphatics. Now that all is resolved. Life has a funny way to dealing use challenges. Kelley Metabolic center helped to reframe my thinking cancer and my family life. They helped to restore my health and my relationship with my son and my wife.

Prostate, 68 year old male. Prior to contacting Kelley Metabolic Center, I tried to do a program on my own. The methods the doctor wanted me to do (was) with lowering my testosterone and surgery, made no sense. I started with Kelley Metabolic Center and reluctantly, very reluctantly, started EVOX. (As a man and an engineer I could not get my mind around the emotional healing connection and the EVOX and Recall approach). Being a little stubborn I was not sure how it could help. Boy was I surprised. The first session caused some changes in perspective and I was able to see for the first time why “mental thoughts and imaginations” were causing physical symptoms. I decided I need to let go of them or die. It my choice and the EVOX helped me to accomplish this goal. With my cancer now resolved, when it started at stage 3, I am forever grateful for this clinic and KMC. It was doubly wonderful that I do everything in the comfort of my home. I did not have to travel. They taught me how to live a happy life for the rest of my life, and a healthy journey is my mind, my heart, and my physical choices.