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February 28, 2015
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February 28, 2015

Dr. William Kelley and the Metabolic Program – Trophoblast theory.

The Metabolic Program

The Metabolic Program developed by Dr. Kelley is a systematic means where any individual can gain a level of optimum health. The Kelley Program is a metabolic/nutritional system which employs evaluation tools to obtain an accurate picture of strengths and weaknesses of a person's being. From this a metabolic program is developed, specifically tailored to the needs of that individual. At the basis of the program are the concepts of non-specific metabolic therapy and metabolic typing. Basically, non-specific metabolic therapy is the building up of all the organs and systems in the body so that serious degenerative diseases, everything from cancer to heart disease to arthritis, can be defeated by the body's own immune mechanisms. Metabolic typing is: Determining the state of a person's metabolism to discern what sort of metabolic program is best for that individual. Dr. Kelley's basic premise is that the only way to treat and prevent disease is to (re)build health.

The Metabolic Paradigm

By definition, a science is "accumulated knowledge that has been systematically formulated with reference to the discovery of universal TRUTHS of the operation of universal laws." And, to be a science, the procedure MUST be systematic, repeatable, testable and verifiable. In EVERY respect, The College of Metabolic Medicine's Metabolic Paradigm meets the requirements of a science.

Metabolic Health care professionals are research assistants: adding to the accumulated knowledge by providing disciplined documentation of treatment and response of those you educate and assist in the program.

Although each case is only anecdotal by itself, many cases, once compiled, will show strong correlation's that will assist in conveying the value of this science to the greater medical community.

About Us

The Metabolic Institute, LLC is a Corporation formed by Dr. Curtis R. Kuhn after 28 years of personal experience on Metabolic Therapy. The core of this nutritional protocol is the science commonly known as "Metabolic Typing". It's founder and scientific creator is Dr. William Donald Kelley, founder of the International Health Institute and co-founder of The College of Metabolic Medicine. As you discover more information about this unique science during your visit to this website, you should know that Dr. Kelley's work has been literally DECADES ahead of any other nutritional program currently in the world. His current book, "CANCER, CURING THE INCURABLE".

Although cancer is a serious disease, there are dozens of other metabolic disorders that can be positively affected by the correct metabolic protocol. We know through Dr. Kelley's research during the past 45 years, that cancer, like most degenerative diseases is also a DEFICIENCY disease.

A PANCREATIC ENZYME DEFICIENCY,combined also with a slight hormonal imbalance. But Dr. Kelley was not the first to prove this, Dr. John Beard in the 19th century, after 20 years of intense clinical research was the first to discover this scientific fact.

Metabolic typing is one of Dr. Kelley's major scientific discoveries that addresses each individual BIOCHEMICALLY. This is called "BIOCHEMICAL INDIVIDUALITY". Just like your finger print, we all have a unique cell print, which genetically determines what type of foods we thrive best on. This premise is based upon the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. Thus nutritional supplements are also designed for each specific metabolic type. As you learn more of this science from our website, you will begin to understand the 12 basic metabolic types and where you may currently be on Dr. Kelley's Metabolic SPIRAL OF HEALTH.

Another tool in the health arena that has GROSSLY been overlooked during the last century is CELLULAR DETOXIFICATION. To learn more about this, go to detoxification part of this site. With the advent of commercial pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, nitrates and nitrites at ALL levels of farming here in the U.S., combined with steroids, antibiotics, and growth hormones in beef, poultry and other commercial farm animals, the need to detoxify ourselves is at a RECORD HIGH.

So whether you are in fairly good health, an athlete, or are fighting a degenerative disease, consider a METABOLIC approach. This science is based upon ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE, which is quite a mouthful, but simply put means, the straight molecule. It will help you to straighten ALL of your cells while rebalancing and detoxifying all systems in your body.